Niels loves character driven films with a strong cinematic approach. His stories are best described as emotional rollercoasters, often shifting from drama to comedy and back. Intimacy and authenticity is what makes his work stand out.

Shooting is going out to meet someone,
— Bresson


Niels’ graduation film won the VPRO documentary award in 2010. After the film academy he directed and shot BY HER SIDE which received several prizes such as best short documentary at Full Frame film festival. In 2013, together with Sabine, he finished the feature NE ME QUITTE PAS. The film was quoted ‘best buddy movie in years’ by Indiewire and is regarded as a hit on the international festival circuit where it won several important awards, among a Golden Kalf for best Dutch documentary.

First Flight, a viral story about two Nans who go on a plane ride for the very first time, inspired and made many people laugh all over the world. This branded content film for Vodafone Firsts was viewed over 3 million times and received a silver Lion in Cannes 2014. Currently Niels spends most of his time with a camera on his shoulder, doing cinematography for other documentary directors. Together with Sabine he is writing the script for their first feature KOM HIER DAT IK U KUS, based on the popular novel by Griet op de Beeck.




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