STUDIO GODOT was founded in 2014 by SABINE LUBBE BAKKER & NIELS VAN KOEVORDEN. When we were sitting in a forest somewhere in the south of Belgium while our main character lost his tree of life, we decided to name our company after Beckets famous play.  As a duo of filmmakers we co-directed and -produced NE ME QUITTE PAS. We are now co-writing and developing our first feature film KOM HIER DAT IK U KUS, based on the second novel by Griet op de Beeck. Sabine directs episodes for VPRO's Backlight series and is a guest lecturer at the Amsterdam Filmschool. Niels is also a cinematographer for other directors and teaches at the Netherlands film academy. With the founding of STUDIO GODOT we aim to own some more of what we create. With taking more responsibility for our projects we also create more time and flexibility, key values for the films that we love.